“He has plans and strategy to win 25 per cent, he is someone that is focused, he is somebody who knows what he wants to do when he wants to do it. He has his plans for Taraba”

“He has been in the grassroots politics, he has been in the house of reps, senatorial and was a minister in Goodluck Jonathan administration.”

“Senator Joel Is ready for this election, he has the track record, he has the character, and he has the capacity to lead the people”

Mr Benjamin said that the new primary conducted was for the purpose of reducing the tension from the court, to which the two candidates were invited.

He also added that he wrote a letter to the spokesperson of Munlip adding that the chairperson had passed across the information of the primary but Munlip claimed that the letter came late in the night and he was not properly informed that the primaries were supposed to take place.

According to him, Munlip was within his right to withdraw from participation in the primary poll.

“It is within his right to do that (to withdraw), and to take that decision but it is not scattering the party in any way, the party is still focused, and we are closing rounds together with the PCC, with all our candidates and with all our stakeholders, with all local government chairmen.”

He said that the party is on the same page to ensure the successful picture of the party towards 18 March, adding that Ikenya has his strategies ready and he is at the heart of the people.