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Philanthropy: A boy sold groundnut and got scholarship

A boy sold groundnut and got scholarship



This handsome 12years boy comes to my workshop every other morning to sell groundnut to my workers. He is so experienced in the business that he knows how to convince you to spend your last cash buying his product.

Last week, I called him into my office and asked him why he is selling groundnut by this time of the day when he should be in school. Favour Emmanuel told me he doesn't enjoy selling groundnut but ever since they lost their father, life has become so difficult for them. They couldn't maintain their rent in Rivers state after the death of their father, so they moved back to Aba and joined their grandma in her one room apartment. Groundnut has been our only means of survival he said.

I told Favour to go home and bring his mother. The rest of the day with favour and his mum was spent with pool of tears of joy as I told them I will take care of Favour's Education all through Secondary and Tertiary level.

Even though First Term is half spent, I still summoned courage and begged a school principal to partner with me in taking favour out of the street by admitting him irrespective of his lateness. Finally, favour got registered, school fees and acceptance fees fully paid, school uniforms, shoes, books and other items fully provided.

Please, don't call this a show off! Don't tag it a post for comments and likes. I wanted to keep this off social Media but someone needs to know that we are only SAVED TO SAVE SOULS

Angel Sonia Nonyerem Ugomdi-Ogbonna

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