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15 Photos These Politicians Don’t Want You To See Of Their Daughters

Politicians daughters
When a person gets into politics, they are expected to maintain a certain level of sophistication and decorum. No matter the position they hold or the country they are from and represent, citizens of the land at hand hold their political leaders to a high standard. Without structure, where would a country be and how would its citizens be expected to behave? The politicians are status symbols to be emulated.
That is why most politicians make sure their spouses and children — young or grown — also present themselves in a way that reflect the importance of the office. Politicians want their family members to dress accordingly, behave well in public, and follow the letter of the law.
But things do not always go as hoped or planned. When kids grow into adults, they make their own choices and pave their own paths. That is exactly what these 15 daughters of politicians have done. They are all grown up, and boy have they blossomed into beauties. Not only are they super attractive, but they’re not shy about flaunting their looks. But do mom and dad approve?

These pics may not be suitable for framing in the Oval Office, but those who browse the web are all for sneaking a peek at these political princesses. From all over the globe, these 15 hotties are making their parents in politics cringe with dismay, but as independent women, they are free to present themselves any way they see fit. We would happily vote for them in any election!

15. Katherine Schwarzenegger — Former Cali Governor’s Glam Girl

Arnold Schwarzenegger may be best known for his impressive bodybuilding or his many roles in action films, but let’s not forget that he was once a California politician too. He has a few kids, one of which is the beautiful Katherine Schwarzenegger, whose mom is Maria Shriver. Katherine is 27 years old and makes a living as a writer, but as you can see in this stunning photo, she could easily be a model too. With her low-cut dress revealing her fit physique and hair and makeup done to perfection, this photo is well-suited for a fashion magazine, but may not fit in as well in the world of politics. Her pop may have worked with plenty of fine-looking ladies in showbiz, but he probably wants his Katherine to remain “daddy’s little girl” for a while longer.

14. Ayla Brown — Former Senator Scott Brown’s Beauty

The 6-foot-tall 29-year-old brunette beauty, Ayla Brown, is a sheer stunner no matter how you look at it. She’s obviously physically beautiful, but equally as impressive as a former NCAA basketball player and recording artist. You may recognize her from season 5 of the hit reality-TV competition, American Idol. Her father, Scott Brown, is a former senator. A senator’s daughter is expected to “act the part,” but for Ayla, it’s all about parting with her pants — at least it was in this leg-baring shot. But with great gams like hers, showing them off seems to be a solid decision. Did dad approve? Likely not, but what father would? If only Ayla weren’t 6, then that dress/shirt would fall a bit further down her thighs.

13. Meghan McCain — Senator John McCain’s Lady in Red

U.S. Senator, John McCain, is admired by many for his stellar achievements in politics. But he’s also a doting and loving dad to his grown children, one of which is the blonde and beautiful 33-year-old Meghan McCain. These days, fans see Meghan sitting among the rotating ensemble of ladies of TV’s The View, as she offers up her conservative opinions and musings of the latest newsworthy and noteworthy topics. But there was a time when Meghan had some time on her hands to take a few boudoir-inspired pics in a sparkly red dress atop silk sheets. Wearing sexy stilettos and red-hot nail polish, the Senator’s daughter looks far from conservative. Surely dad thinks his girl is a beauty, but we’re sure he’d rather have her standing in this photo.

12. Ivanka Trump — President Trump’s Foxy First Daughter

America’s first daughter, the impressive 36-year-old Ivanka Trump, is all about smart business suits and buttoned-up blouses these days. But when this revealing photo was taken, who knew that her pop, Donald Trump, would one day become the leader of the free world? Answer: none of us. While President Trump may not mind seeing similar pics of other scantily clad women, knowing that there is a photo of his daughter dressed in a whole lot of nothing must make him cringe, at least a little bit. Granted, Ivanka looks absolutely gorgeous with her seductive gaze and feminine physique, but no matter how hot she looks, this is not the sort of photo that is suitable for anyone with such close ties to the White House. No wonder she started a clothing line!

11. Tristane Banon — Former French Cabinet Member Gabriel Banon’s Out-There Offspring

Tristane Banon is a 38-year-old journalist and writer from France. She is also a regular contributor to the French news website Atlantico, where she comments on youth affairs. Her famous father is a former French cabinet member. While Tristane’s resume is certainly impressive, her unique looks are just as stunning. Just look at this editorial shot that seems like it could be featured in any high-fashion glossy magazine. The black-and-white artsy photo shows off Tristane’s wild blonde hair and forearm tattoo, and her dark lips are seductive. The photo is mysterious and sexy, two attributes that do not exactly jive with politics. We’re not sure what her dad thinks of this provocative pic, but it’s safe to say it’s not framed atop his office desk.

10. Patti Davis — Former President Ronald Reagan’s Covergirl

Patti Davis is now a 65-year-old woman, but back in the day, Ronald Regan’s daughter was more than just an actress and author— she was also ready to bear it all to pose for the racy and risqué Playboymagazine in the ’90s. Always known for being outspoken and fearless, seeing the daring Davis on the front cover of the controversial men’s mag was not surprising to many, but for her likely embarrassed presidential dad, this cover must have caused quite the uproar at that year’s Thanksgiving dinner. Compared to her mom, Nancy Regan, who was always quite conservative in the way she dressed, Davis certainly found her own sense of style — or lack thereof in this case. But the question remains, was the fine-formed fella who is supporting Davis’ breasts a Regan supporter too?

9. Bristol Palin — A Leg Up For The Former Alaskan Governor’s Girl

Bristol Palin is all grown up and a mom of two, but that does not necessarily mean that her mom,Governor Sarah Palin, is fond of seeing so much of her 27-year-old daughter’s thigh, especially when it’s being manhandled by a fella with a big old grin on his face. Okay, so Bristol is obviously in costume and position for her pose for a promo for ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, but that does not take away from the fact that she is showing a significant amount of leg and inner thigh. Is momma cool with this portrayal of her daughter? Knowing Sarah, it’s a toss-up. But surely mom would agree that sequins and fringes are not part of the typical wardrobe worn at political functions.

8. Tiffany Trump — The All-American Babe

In more questionable wardrobe-related Trump family news, here we see President Trump’s daughter Tiffany Trump proudly waving the American Flag at a pool party where, apparently, shirts are not required. The pretty blonde and bubbly 24-year-old is President Trump’s daughter with his second wife, Marla Maples. She is studying law at Georgetown, but it must have been spring break when this fun-loving photo was shot. “Daisy Dukes” may be considered appropriate apparel for a warm-weather BBQ, but the White House must have some sort of an enforceable dress code, even for the offspring of the commander-in-chief. Dad must be proud of all his children, but he would probably have the scantily-clad Tiffany cover up a tad before a televised press conference. ‘Till then, keep that flag flying high, Tiff.

7. Sonakshi Sinha — Former Union Cabinet Minister Shatrughan Sinha’s Bollywood Beauty

One would think that the family members of an Indian cabinet member would be all buttoned-up and serious, but Sonakshi Sinha turns that old-fashioned idea on its head. The beautiful and sexy 30-year-old is an Indian film actress who has her own sense of style and swag. Her pop, Shatrughan Sinha, was once an actor too, but he turned to politics after leaving showbiz. But his daughter still has the acting bug, and as we can see from this photo, she loves to be the center of attention. A sliver of midriff may not be such a big deal nowadays, but surely this outfit would have the other cabinet members in shock. But as long as Sonakshi can let her bold personality shine through, she will rock her look and knock them off their feet. Sorry dad!

6. Barbara Bush — Former President George W.’s Glam Girl

Hey Barbara! Nice shirt. Oh wait, you’re not wearing a shirt. That’s okay, as long as you’re looking stylish. But what does dad, former U.S. President, George W. Bush think of your bare-breasted ensemble? While this “menswear-inspired” outfit may be red carpet-chic, it isn’t exactly White-House-friendly, or dad-friendly, for that matter. But 35-year-old Barbara Bush doesn’t mind the controversy, apparently. She is a twin, after all, so why not show off “the twins?” This look may have her dad turning in the other direction, but everyone else’s eyes are fixated on the stunning brunette. Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day anyway? This babe looks like a million bucks. As long as she keeps that blazer on, we can still consider her look to be PG-13. Come on dad, you’ve had far worse issues to deal with.

5. Abby Huntsman — Former Utah Governor’s Jon Huntsman’s Head-Turner

The 31-year-old Pennsylvania native, Abby Huntsman, is the beautiful and bright daughter of former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman. The beautiful brunette is a co-host on Fox & Friends. May we suggest she is the “fox” among the friends. But foxiness aside, this great-looking gal has the gift for gab and her views are watched by FOX-watchers nationwide and beyond. Surely her politically-minded pop is proud of his daughter’s television accomplishments, but how does he feel about this pic of his princess in a skimpy black bikini? The water looks just fine — as does Abby — but her dad must prefer his daughter when she’s in the anchor chair, covered up in smart-business attire. That said, no matter what Abby has on (or off), she is as gorgeous as she is gifted in her field.

4. Frances Abbott — Former Aussie PM’s Muscular Miracle

Blonde and built, the 20-something Frances Abbott is glowing, gorgeous, and giving us plenty of motivation to hit the gym. She is the delightful daughter of the former Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, who must be impressed with his daughter’s commitment to training and staying fit. But does he love all the exposed skin a bodybuilder must flaunt in order to show off her hard work? As a dad, it must be difficult to know that others are critiquing his daughter’s every inch, but that’s the life Frances signed up for, and she seems to love it. She even clocked in at number six on Maxim magazine’s list of the 100 hottest Australian women. Her dad may have been a Prime Minister, but Frances is the one in her prime.

3. Alexandra Aitken — Former UK Parliament Member Jonathan Aitken’s Long-Legged Lass

 This 37-year-old is an outspoken activist, artist, and socialite. And by the looks of this rather risqué photo, it seems like Alexandra loves to show off her body. With legs for miles and a cleavage-baring black blouse, this gal surely knows how to make the most of her fit and feminine physique. While plenty of men must appreciate what Aitken’s putting forth, her political papa must find her sensual look to be a bit over-the-top, considering her top is practically open down to her navel. But it looks like this sexy socialite is happy with her clothing choice no matter what daddy thinks. Let’s just hope she covers up for family photos. The rest of the cabinet would agree.

2. Chelsea Clinton — Former President Bill Clinton’s Daughter Gets Her Tan On

The famous daughter of Bill and Hillary Clinton is 37 years old, but we’ve known her since she was a youngster. Both of her parents are in politics, making her life in the public eye one that’s likely to continue for years to come. No matter what Chelsea Clinton does or where she goes, people from far and wide have their eyes on her. So, when she took off her clothing to reveal an itty-bitty bikini, the paparazzi went wild. As a former first daughter, some may have expected Chelsea to choose a more conservative swimming attire, but she is her own woman who can wear whatever she sees fit. And since she’s looking quite fit, why not show off a toned middle while basking in the sun and swimming in the ocean? Dad may not love the fact that these pics are splashed all over the Internet, but if looks like Chelsea had fun splashing around!

1. Barbara Berlusconi — Italy’s Former PM Silvio Berlusconi’s Stunning Daughter 

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